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The elusive Himalayan Rosehip,
100% wild- crafted, Supercritical Face Oil.


The Timekeeper  contains the ultimate beauty ingredient trio. Anti-inflammatory compounds, essential fatty acids and vitamins (A, E and F). Together, these help repair and prevent oxidative damage and help the skin rebuild collagen. This remarkable pure oil visibly diminishes signs of photo-ageing and fine lines resulting in plump and radiant skin.


Our Rosehip Oil is natural powerhouse of goodness: Linolenic acid (Omega 3), Linoleic acid- Vitamin F (Omega 6) , Oleic acid ( Omega-9 ) Vitamin A (topical trans-retinoic acid) and naturally occurring form of Vitamin E (Clinically tested).



  1. 99% wild-crafted Rosehip oil. 1% Rosemary Anti-oxidant.
  2. Expiry: 2 years from manufacturer date however recommend to use within 6 months of opening.


How to Use:

  1. This superfine oil is easily absorbed and can be applied during the AM and PM. Just place 3 to 4 drops on the palm of your hand and gently dab onto damp skin and massage using upwards and circular motions.
  2. Can be used just as it is, can be layered and even blended with other oil-based products.
  3. Recommended use is under your sunscreen, make-up and generously at night just on its own.
  4. This product is high in carotenoids. Might stain clothes


Suitable for all skin types. This is a gender-neutral product.

Reviews (32)

32 reviews for Timekeeper

  1. Ronika Susan

    RASULA Timekeeper has made me a believer! I now know my skin is inherently gorgeous thanks to this genius product. An elixir from the mountains. This oil has transformed my skin. I catch myself admiring my spotless ache free, soft and supple face…It has fed my skin life while asking very little of me in return. This oil is definitely my most trusted companion where ever I go. I cant thank you enough for it cause its made me feel so brave and beautiful again. I wouldn’t blink an eye to recommend this to every man and woman out there. Wish you all the best!

    #himalayankiss #timekeeper #rasulaforever #labouroflove #2020 #naturalbeauty #beautifulinsideandout


    Ronika Susan

  2. Ruby Jayan George

    Wow….recommended highly. My skin stands testimony to this wonder product. Timekeeper by Rasula


    Ruby Jayan George

  3. Noyrika

    It is just Magic!!! Finally found the one face oil that hydrates my skin like no other. Being a major beach bum I need the Rosehip oil’s ability to counter sun damage to my skin. I absolutely love how it sits under my make-up and makes it looks dewy and NOT Oily….My staple!



  4. Pooja Bamra

    This Oil is great! Love the consistency. Although I felt that it might leave a reddish-yellow tint since the colour is quite deep and rich, thankfully it didn’t. Instantly absorbed!! Love the entire packaging too.”


    Pooja Bamra

  5. Jackie Besterwitch

    I’m not a fan of skincare products and like keeping my skin free from any of them. But!! This little potion of magic in a bottle called “RASULA” has changed my perception. Love Love Love it Rosh! Skin feels a lot tighter, softer and glowy. The appearance of fine lines reduced just in a week. Over all my skin feels healthier and a lot more balanced and I also love how you’ve retained the natural aroma and haven’t added any additives. Keeping it Natural as real as it gets! I love you and so damn proud of you!


    Jackie Besterwitch

  6. Sharmilee aka Meenakshi

    I have soo fallen in love with your product. Have to confess that Ive always had extremely dry skin and the Bangalore weather only made it worse. Also my skin would rash with any new product. But when it came to the Timekeeper, its made my skin feel so good. its the trust I’ve had on you over the years as a friend and your genuine research, that this product is working for my skin. Good going girl!!! Wish you all the luck and success- your genuine customer.


    Sharmilee aka Meenakshi

  7. Sangita Raj

    My personal experience has been fantastic. It absorbs super quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky trace. Skin feels plump and healed in the morning. I have been using it in the morning and evening this winter. What is amazing is it goes on beautifully under sunscreen without pillage. The best part is I use it before make-up on my brides and their skin looks dewy with a healthy glow from within. Timekeeper is going to be a staple in my skincare routine. So proud of you Rosh to see you bring life to your dreams and its a testimony for women entrepreneurs in India in the clean beauty space. Cant wait to see more.


    Sangita Raj

  8. Rachana Sehgal

    Wild-crafted, potent, bio-active, local- the Timekeeper by Rasula is a true winner. Finally the magic elixir addressing all my skin grievances


    Rachana Sehgal

  9. Sonalika Sahay

    A very very nice oil. Glowing Skin is always in. Rasula’s Timekeeper. Try it to believe it. And it smells soo good.


    Sonalika Sahay

  10. Shraddha

    A good facial oil can change your entire skincare game and Rasula’s Timekeeper does just that. Luxurious, light and hydrating – this product is what dreams are made of



  11. Rachel Bayros

    Rasula is like a Magic Potion. Brightens up the face and makes your skin feel healthy. I’ve used up half the bottle of “The Timekeeper” and my skin has responded fabulously every time I have. It smooths up the tone and texture of the skin as I use. I’ve used it before shoots and before make up. Two to three drops + moisturiser or just as it is. It really glows up the skin. Laura’ great product! great packaging! awaiting many products at Rasula!


    Rachel Bayros

  12. Navkirat Sodhi

    This is honestly a game changing product. Don’t think I need a second thing for my skin anymore. Roshni you’re creating magic.


    Navkirat Sodhi

  13. Smita Rao

    Thank you for creating this amazing product!!! My skin has never felt better. I use it in the morning as well as at night. Have been using it for a month now, absolutely in love. My skin looks and feels amazing!


    Smita Rao

  14. Kaustav Dey

    This year, when supermodel and love of my life Rachel Bayros told me about a miracle beauty product she’d been trying, I had to have what she’s having. Thus, began my journey with RasulaStory. To begin with the amazing founder of the brand spoke to me at length, explaining her passion and her product- a rosehip oil that acts as a timekeeper, working from within to combat the signs of skin photo-ageing. I tried it over the next few weeks, wearing it on freshly washed bare skin. I immediately loved the experience- it reminded me of my childhood memories of applying Kumkumadithailam and as I have continued to use it diligently, I am beginning to see my skin heal from redness, inflammation, and sun damage. And most of all, I can’t get enough of how well loved my skin feels every morning when I wake up. Thank you RasulaStory for the Magic.


    Kaustav Dey

  15. Lakshmi Rana

    My skin during Goa days was flawless because of this wonderful product I’m using : Timekeeper by Rasula. Brilliant product thank you RasulaStory for this Rosehip oil.


    Lakshmi Rana

  16. Nicole Faria

    This is one of the most amazing products I’ve ever used on my skin. I use this beauty under my make-up, just a couple of drops under my base and it just gives it a beautiful glow. Thanks Rosh.


    Nicole Faria

  17. Anu Ahuja

    Probably the best face oil I have ever used. It has actually replaced my moisturizer … even using it once a day has made my skin hydrated and supple. Great going Rasula, stay true to your philosophy of purity, sustainability, and good ethical practices.


    Anu Ahuja

  18. Smita Balram

    Rasula’s Rosehip Oil has been the best ever face care product for my super-sensitive skin. Even once-a-day application lends an even skin tone, elasticity and hydration. I tried Timekeeper with much caution on Day 1 in habitual fear of a skin breakout with the usage of a new product. But this clean and pure face oil instantly became a part of my daily skin care routine. It has been about four months and I am happily on my third bottle. Super product.


    Smita Balram

  19. Archana




  20. Janine

    I am addicted to this wonderful oil. It gives my facial skin a very special glow that I am always positively addressed. I don’t want to miss rasula oil for any day.




  21. Latha Sunadh

    The Timekeeper is amazing!!!


    Latha Sunadh

  22. Sanjana Salunkhe Menezes

    Being an essential oil enthusiast (if there is such a thing), I’ve had my eyes on this rosehip oil by Rasula. My dry and dehydrated skin drinks up this supercritical oil in seconds and loves the warmth it provides. It is heavy but not greasy and has a distinct smell and a yellow gold tint but doesn’t leave any residue on the face. Also completely safe for nursing moms.


    Sanjana Salunkhe Menezes

  23. Vasudha Rai

    This is excellent Rosehip Oil! The consistency is thick, because of which I like to apply this on my face at night before tretinoin. However despite its thick consistency, my skin takes no time to drink it up. This is the real deal. Without any adulteration, because it has that spicy and perhaps challenging smell typical to rosehip oil. The oil is extracted from the skin and seeds of the rosehip berry giving it that bright orange colour. This means that its also packed with antioxidants.


    Vasudha Rai

  24. Arjun Sudhir

    Hands down it’s the silkiest Rosehip oil I have ever tried.


    Arjun Sudhir

  25. Janine Haiser

    Cheers to this impressive Indian woman Roshni Laura George and her magical face oil “Timekeeper”. You always asked me about my beauty secret- That’s it!


    Janine Haiser

  26. Pallavi Foley

    Thank you Rasula for sending me the Timekeeper. Love the smell of it and loving how it makes my skin feel.


    Pallavi Foley

  27. Archana Akil Kumar

    One of the best products that I have used on my face till date


    Archana Akil Kumar

  28. Dechen Lepcha

    Absolutely in love with this product….Have tried many brands from Forest Essentials to Estée Lauder but this one stands out …has helped me to reduce my fine lines and my skin has a glow from within ….will stick to it for the rest of my life …


    Dechen Lepcha

  29. Kavita Sunderrajan

    I have been using Rasula’s Rosehip oil for a few months now and very happy with how it makes my skin feel. Even though its oil based it very quickly absorbs into the skin leaving it plumped with a natural glow. The texture is pulpy-almost as though it has been freshly pressed just for me! My skin texture has definitely improved, and my scars have almost vanished. Thanks so much.


    Kavita Sunderrajan

  30. Chaitanya

    This is an amazing oil! And it contains one of my favorite plant derivates Rosehip aka Rosa Canina. I have been using it few nights a week and am really blown away by the integrity and potency in each drop. I also have been adding a drop of it in my foundation as it has soo many antioxidant benefits and it adds a little extra radiance. More than all this it is the passion of one woman and pursuing her quest to bring something that is dear to her. Thank you Roshni for letting me experience your love and passion in a bottle. Very apt name #timekeeper.



  31. Sabita Varghese

    Most Authentic and genuine product I have come across. It works wonders and instant effect as promised. There should be no second thoughts just go for it girls!


    Sabita Varghese

  32. Hena Desai

    Timekeeper: the pure extraction works like magic to fix not just sun but ANY kind of skin damage in no time. I love that I can generously use it (esp. for my face massages) and it’ll still soak in within seconds with no greasiness. I can definitely see some serious glow- boosting- so that’s pretty amazing.


    Hena Desai

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