Supercritical (SC) extractors are state-of-the-art technology in solvent free extractions.

Most Rosehip Oil is made by cold pressing, where the seeds are crushed between rollers, sometimes with the addition of a solvent. Our Rosehip Seed Oil is pure forma (true to form), we use Supercritical (SC) extraction for pure, concentrated, solvent free extractions that also offer longer shelf life. Rasula uses the whole fruit, skin and seed of the rosehip to extract rosehip oil. The seed (EFA’s) and skin (Vit A) are a rich powerhouse in many of the essential nutrients that make our rosehip oil so good for the skin and is responsible for giving oil its rich amber- ruby colour. The process is expensive and timely, but ensures that the maximum amount of goodness is captured.
Our extraction process is Certified organic, REACH complaint, Halal and Kosher certified under EU norms.